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Bec S.
Great Colors!
Photo of product included with review by Bec S.

In my endless search for interesting, colorful lip shades I found Ka'oir and quickly ordered several. I tried the green, purple, yellow and white shades. Each of them were really great. They look even better if you can get a matching lipliner going with the color. The white is also really nice to have on hand to mix with other shades to make them lighter.

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Hulonda M.
Rich color!!!!!

Ka'ior lipsticks are what you need if you want to stand out in a crowd!!! They are very vibrant colors, so they aren't for the faint at heart!! Rude Girl is a rich, bold purple. I love it. And if you're looking for a vibrant red, Ka'ior has what you're looking for! I also like the fact that they glide on with ease and aren't sticky.

Jess F.
Awesome blue color

Absolutely beautiful color. I know I'd get some weird looks if I wore it out but its definitely worth the looks. It's a really pretty color. I love Ka'oir products.

Angelica W.

I love love love this brand! I have shades Kaoir Doll and Jamaica! The color payoff is excellent. Its my go to lipstick when i want to stand out! When i want to be bold and daring! Great quality and price!

Theresa S.
Super pretty, I make this shade work for me

I purchased this lipstick as a part of the glitzstick bundle from KA'OIR (meaning that it comes with the matching glitter & applicator to apply the glitter to your lips). The lipstick is a very pretty sandy nude, that I apply after using a dark brown lipliner (blended, making the shade a bit more workable for my skintone) & with the glitter on top I get a really pretty rose gold effect. The lipstick feels really silky and creamy when applied, and lasts for a really long time (the glitter lasts for a long time too when applied on top, the lipstick sets the glitter really well). I have a review of the glitzstick (which I'm wearing in the attached photo) in "Invisible" on my beautylish page =)

Valencia B.

This product is smooth I love SEX on my lips, very deep berry. I also ordered Night and Invisible, if you are looking for more of a red berry try another shade

Moden M.
Pretty colours, staying power not there

I was really excited when one of the makeup stores here in Barbados offered the product. It costs $45ea and I tried Mistress. It''s a pretty colour but I def have to use a lip gloss to add shine and I found that it wore off really quickly. The Jamaica and Pool arty shades are comparable however to OCC Lip Tars if applied with a white base.

Pros: Lots of product, vibrant, variety of colours Cons: Wears off quickly, layering needed, a bit pricey