Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy To Go


Angie W.

This is absolutely my favorite scent and has been since it came out. Perfect for any season, day or night. People are constantly telling me how amazing I smell......love love love this!

Xiomara T.

All I think when I smell this perfume is yummy. Its perfect for any occasion. Very feminine and classy.

I always get compliments whenever ive worn it in the past.

Ashley A.
Best fragrance BUT there is one problem with this!!

Everybody knows what this smells like because everyone uses it! i personally love the product but i prefer not to be smelling like another person. When i used to wear this everyone would comment "is that juicy couture"? It gets annoying. Overall i say skip this product unless you want to smell exactly like every girl in this country!

Pati P.

I love this perfume! I have a mini roller that I got 4 days ago, and it already has a gap in it! I love the scent, and it's not too strong, which I hate in perfumes

Nikki Z.
Ultimate Smell

This is the ultimate feminine smell. The perfect combination of crisp floral citrus. It's fresh and sweet without being overwhelmingly anything really. And I love how I can smell it on me as I move throughout the day. I can see this becoming a classic.

Stephanie H.
You can never have to much Viva La Juicy!!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I have been using Viva La Juicy since it came out and it is always a repurchase for me. It just has this amazing sweet scent and no matter who wears it, it always smells amazing! It is just one of those classic scents that you smell and your like that is Viva La Juicy!! The pricing for this perfume is awesome! The packaging is of course their signature bottle with the cute little pink bow. It is just so gorgeous I love attention to detail when it comes to anything and Juicy did not disappoint with the scent or the packaging!