Josie Maran


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Stephanie H.
Smooth as Silk!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

These are the nicest lipsticks! How smooth they are in texture is madness. As you start to apply the lipstick it literally is effortless and just glides on! The pigmentation is gorgeous! Of course the packaging is a super pretty rose gold color. Stands out from the rest!

Krystal C.
Feels AMAZING on the lips!!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

Last year I found out about Argan Oil being used in cosmetics and searched for a company to try out, I quickly found Josie Maran Cosmetics. I did not know anything about her having a cosmetics company, so I thoroughly read up on the background of this company. Here are some interesting excerpts from the website: Josie Maran has been the face of Maybelline for ten years Josie noticed it was hard to find products that matched her approach to life - products that are pure and gentle, that contain no toxins or ingredients that damage the planet. The Josie Maran Cosmetics look is healthy, natural and vibrant. It's about enhancing, not covering. It's about youthful, glowing skin. I have been using two of their products in my weekly beauty routines. I began using them with an open mind, I had never heard of or used Argan Oil products before these and was very interested of how it would turn out. After using them for a couple weeks, I clearly began to enjoy them because one of them permanently moved into my makeup bag in my purse. The two products I use are Argan Oil Lipstick in Dyani and Organic Argan Oil. Argan Oil Lipstick retails at $20.00 Josie Maran’s lipsticks are formulated to rehydrate, plump, and smooth the lips. These hydrating, full bodied lipsticks have a medium to full coverage, with a beautiful semi-gloss finish Tips: Professional makeup artists often recommend using a brush to apply lip color. This is because a brush deposits far less product onto lips, and less product translates to longer-lasting color. The unique formula of this lipstick makes it glide on in an ultra-thin layer. So you’ll get the look and feel of a professional application without the brush! Dyani is a great everyday lip color and the formula doesn't leave your lips feeling dry like most lipsticks do. It applies very smooth without any dry tugging. I also apply with a lip brush for a subtle flush of color on days when I'm wearing minimal makeup.