Josie Maran

Argan Lip Treatment

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Kelly  F.

I really got OK n a Josie Maran kick about a month ago and I'm loving everything!!! I purchased this for my nighttime lip balm and I love it. I use this after exfoliating my lips....oh lips are so soft and supple...I just love the smell, taste, and feel of this product!!! I wasn't sure because of the price, but now I'm hooked and will definitely repurchase!!

Nadia N.
It works!

It does rehydrate my lips and plump them naturally even though I have already naturally full lips. I love the scent and taste but you do have to reapply it a couple of times but it does feel wonderful on the lips. It is a great value I have had mine and used mine for over 6 month and haven't made a huge dent in it so for $18 good stuff!

Naomi D.
Great product but...
Photo of product included with review by Naomi D.

I really like this lip treatment. It has an amazing smell & such cute packaging. It does moisturize lips, but I feel like I'm re-applying it too often; it isn't that long-lasting. It does say "apply generously throughout the day" so maybe it's supposed to be used often, I don't know. It gets dry & then I have to put more on several times during the day. However, it is a great price compared to other good lip treatments, and it's all natural. A big plus for me is all the info on the box itself, no pamphlet needed like in the Dior lip balm.

Kristina H.
Super smooth!

I love this stuff! It is so moisturizing and it smells fantastic (green apple). I use this primarily before bed and after ex-foliating my lips. Yes, it is a bit pricey (YIKES!!! $18.00) and I really only bought it because it comes in an adorable pot and smells so yummy BUT it works like a dream. It is labeled as a natural product on and you can go check to see what their standards of "natural" are.

Overall, if you have problem lips, this is probably worth the investment to help condition and keep them moisturized.

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