Eye Primer / Base


Paula J.
Does the work for everyday use

This primer it's not as smooth or creamy than others. It looks like a cream pressed shadow, but it's easy to apply and blend with a finger. Problem: it's pink. In my skin it goes really nice and it help me fade some freckles I have in my eyelid, but not all the girls have the same skintone, so that's a problem to this product.

The other thing it's that is cheap so you can use it everyday with no guilt. I have oily skin and I have to say that this primer doesn't crease for 10 hours. In my case I notice creasing about 11 hours after my makeup was done.

It's not the best but i recommend it for everyday work-school use.

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Myshel D.
Afforable Primer

I was very surprised on how good this eyelid primer worked. The PROS about this product are it does extend the wear of your eyeshadows, under $3 so you can stock up on it but the big CON about the product is that its thick & can get a little dry quick. My suggestion is to use your finger to apply it to your eyelid so the natural heat from you body will melt it a little and just glide on.

Lacey F.

umm this product is dry. and its pink. i try to warm it up, but it still doesnt work. maybe i got a bad i may purchase and try again since it is super cheap. but other than that it just sits in my collection.

Erika A.

To be totally honest with you, this product was great and you can't beat the price. I ran out of this so quick because I was using it almost everyday. It held up to its name. It didn't crease and kept my eyeshadow popping. I even use it as a concealer around my face. I will be purchasing more :)