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The Beauty Vixen N.
Set These and Go
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I've already fallen in love with the Jordana Easy Liner for Lips, because of their creamy texture, rich colors and ease of blending. I was reluctant to try the Easy Liners for EYES for all the same reasons. A deliciously creamy texture is great for for lip liners, but for eyeliners, it can mean that the product will smudge, run and make a mess. I wasn't really expecting too much from liners that retail for $1.99, but as always, I was willing to give them a try.

I found the texture of the eyeliners a bit drier than the lipliners (which is a good thing). I made sure to set the liners with a similar color eyeshadow. When set, I found that these liners stay put just as well as my other pencil liners. They actually surpass the quality of some. Overall, these liners are really nice and well worth the $1.99 that you pay for them. Be aware though, some of the darker colors do not offer too much dimension. They tend to be fairly flat (mainly because they're matte). Other than that, I say dive into the 10+ colors that they offer and enjoy.

These liners get a Beauty Vixen KISS.

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Bree G.

My fave pencil liner right now! the black is great for under eye and waterline!(: I usually love rimmel london's kohl because of my eye sensitivity, but this is a great product to use for only half the price

Amanda L.
The Best !

This is the eyeliner I use everyday , you can apply more for nighttime and it still looks great. It goes on so smoothly and the color is nicely pigmented. Also , this lasts through a whole day of school and afternoon of soccer practice without running or smudging off . The price is also great , I buy mine at Walgreens where they are only about 2$ , plus they last for a really long time !

Tyni R.
My kind of pencil liner

True to its name, it really is an "easyliner." The retractable mechanism is convenient and hassle-free. No need for any sharpener. I just draw on paper or a tissue when I want to "sharpen" the tip. With the right eye primer, it stays in place and lasts long. Affordable and effective so I guess my 5 stars are justified.

Danielle H.

Picked a couple of these up from Walgreens one day and had to go right back to the store to get more lol these are my favorite eyeliners. the product goes on very smooth and is really vibrant. my 2 favorites are the '02 Rock On Silver' and a metallic-y blue called 'bliss' i think... I wear the silver to make my eyes pop and when i use it around my tear duct and waterline, it makes me look more awake. the blue one is just a really fun color. all of them stay on all day and don't fade. they were a really good price too. 5 stars from me [:

Felicia S.
Great, Especially for the Low Price of $2

I love how smoothly these eyeliners go on. It's great that they're retractable because you don't have to sharpen them. These feel great on my eyes, I have them in the black, purple funk, and dark brown. They have a nice selection/variety of colors, too! I wish Jordana was available at all stores, but I've only found it at Walgreens. For $2, this is a fantastic value. I have noticed some slight smudging by the end of the day, and a bit of fading. But it's still a great eyeliner!

Amanda L.

I absolutely love this product! I only have it in black so far but it goes on so smooth and the color is extremely dark and pigmented. Also, the price is great, especially for the quality!

Stephanie H.
Great alternative to expensive liners!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I have really loved trying these Jordana liners out. I heard about these from a friend and went out and grabbed some. I really love the pigmentation of these. They actually have great lasting power. I have not even needed to set them with an eyeshadow. There was no tugging or pulling on my lids. I love that they are retractable pencils. I loath sharpening liners=) But these are great for day or night and they come in a great range of colors. They are soft and smooth but not too soft. There is nothing worse then a liner that is just to soft. The packaging is decent for the low cost of these liners. So you do the math, Great colors, Great product, Great price...That's a whole lot of great in my book so check them out!

Saby T.

The same thing ! Disappears after awhile.Good drugstore product but i hv better liners ! Definitely try this if your on a budget.Annnd considering its price,its actually worth it !

Barbara O.

This is one of the best retractable pencils I have ever used. From its diverse colours to its creamy texture to its high pigmentation. I love all my Jordana pencils and i absolutely must have them at all times in my kit.