K-PAK Shampoo


Lisa S.

My favorite shampoo of all time. I bought the giant bottles from Ulta when they were on sale, and it literally lasts me a year! I could rave about this shampoo/conditioner all day! Im currently trying out a bed head shampoo and im waiting to use it back up, so I have a reason to get this product as well. I have also been using joico on my hair extensions and its wonderful!

Kaitlin J.

I use the shampoo and conditioner at least 3 times a week to wash my hair with. This stuff along with the Deep Penetrating Reconstructor got my hair from a 5 years of overly bleached and dyed mushy "synthetic barbie" hair to beautiful shiny soft locks! I love this stuff. At a salon near me they had a sale for 32oz Shampoo & Conditioner of this stuff for only 32$ and I got it a year ago and still have half the bottle left! Best 32$ ever spent! It's great for my now color treated hair, it doesn't strip it of it's color. It's worth every penny, believe me!

Angela W.
Great shampoo.

A stylist once told me that a shampoo shouldn't get super sudsy and that if it did, it most likely contains ingredients that strip your hair of good things while it cleans. So when I tried this shampoo out I wasn't turned off when it didn't get too bubbly.

Sure enough, my hair felt clean and light but not stripped. I use this in conjunction with the K-Pak conditioner and the reconstruct. Great products, especially when you use them together.

Lily B.

I absolutely loved this shampoo!!! I bought it in Mexico when I got my hair done at a salon and had no idea they even sold it in the U.S. Once I found out they had it here I went to go buy it but it's WAY more expensive here than in Mexico so I didn't end up buying it. But I loved this hair product :)

Miss Manny S.

On my hair, it personally made it REALLY dry, but it was just because of all the protein in it. I actually love this for my clients who either use lots of chemicals, lots of heat, and people with grey/white hair. It really strengthens it, gives volume, and just over all makes their hair SO much nicer. Just not for me :(

Vitalia P.
Hands down the best

I absolutely love this product! I use the whole line with conditioner, mask, leave-in conditioner and I am really satisfied with the results. I would totally recommend this for long, dry hair that has been damaged by coloration or sun.