K-Pak Chelating Shampoo


Liz L.
Best shampoo ever!

So I recently bought this shampoo from my hair stylist; she had recommended it. Must I add.. After the first time I tried it.. I fell in love. It leaves your hair smelling so fresh.. I recently bleached my hair to achieve the ombré look, and my hair does not appear or even feel damaged.. The best shampoo ever!!

Angela W.
Good stuff.

I was pretty pissed when I saw this sitting on the shelf at TJ Maxx the other day... for $14.00. I'd just shelled out twice that at a salon "sale." So definitely get your Maxxinista on, before you get ripped off like I did. What I can't complain about is how it works. I bleach the crap out of my hair like every other week and I'm pretty sure this stuff is the only reason I'm not half bald.

The conditioners are even better. I like to use this with the K-Pak Reconstruct as well as the regular conditioner. My hair seems to respond better if I mix it up in the Shampoo/Conditioner department but I don't see this falling out of the rotation any time soon.

Tina V.
so amazing

when i first used this conditioner my hair was damaged from intense color treatment and left dry and dull. within a week of using this product i noticed a drastic change, my hair was left soft, full of moisture, and actually starting to appear shiny and healthy. definitely would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good shampoo to help restore their hair. my suggestion however would be to pair this with another moisturizing and reconstructing shampoo. by switching back and forth between two shampoos, your hair can never get accustomed to the formula, therefore providing your hair with the most benefit. hope this helped <3

Jasmine T.

I have this shampoo and conditoner in my shower. This is a great product and I do feel like I am noticing some improvements but! I'm not crazy about it or the scent. I just don't feel that sleek soft feeling after rinsing out the conditioner like I do with Alterna. This is a quality shampoo and not too strong, but the matching conditioner is not enough for my extremely curly, thick hair. Overall I give it three stars.