Johnson & Johnson

Morning Glow Moisturizer


Alexa M.
Good for preteens!

It gave me a good glow when I was 11 - 14, then my skin got really oily, and it made me break out even more! :( But until then, it got rid of dry patches, so it did the job. Nothing remarkable though :/

Elise B.
Good for preteen normal skin, bad for oily skin

I tried this when I was younger and loved it. But back then I didnt have oily skin. Nowadays my skin is oily in the T zone and needs to be matte. This moisturizer is grainy and immediately makes my super oily. If you are 15 or 16 with normal skin looking for SPF, this would probably work

Shayla F.

I like the light citrus smell and the fact the its spf 15, oil free, and contains benzyl alcohol. But it contains too much shimmer, usually brighter or illuminous means shimmer (ugh). I mean, I'm the type of female that loves shimmer but this has crossed the line, at least on my face. This product is not for very dry skin either unless you want to add on more which means more shimmer on your face. But I guess it is also good that its lightweight. I dont hate this product but its cheap (about $5) and its okay for me. If you hav normal skin and dont mind shimmer this is for you.

Lauren B.

I really wanted to like this because I loved the scrub and cleanser, but this broke me out (I think) and has so much glitter in it that I just can't use it. I love the smell and packaging though.