Jesse's Girl

Pure Pigment Eye Dust


Raychel C.
Drugstore Cheap, MAC quality?!

Can anyone say drugstore cheap, MAC quality? These babies are low cost and high pigment. All Jessie's Girl's products range from .99 cents to $8.99. I've been using the eye dusts all week in the colors: Penny Arcade, Majestic Green, Kiwi Rose, Angelic, and Hi-Ho Silver. Ready for the perk?! Most of their products can he used as dual products. For instance, these pigments in a light shimmer could be used as a highlight on the cheekbones. Wish I had these when I started doing make up!

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Elisa S.

These are the only loose eyeshadows I own, but I love them dearly. I have six and use them when I want a look to have a big impact. When paired with the Jesse's Girl eye primer, these shadows are very vibrant, sparkly, opaque, and long-lasting. Unless there is a shade Jesse's Girl doesn't make, I will continue buying these as my sparkly loose shadows.

Edit: When I bought some lip products from the Jesse's Girl website, they shipped in under a week and had included a sample of EVERY loose shadow they have! It was crazy cool of them and really makes me love the company even more. The colors are all fantastic y'all.

Blondee B.

i found this product when i was looking for last minute makeup for a dance and i wasnt really looking for anything like but i happend to see it and i knew i had to have it! i bought the white one (sorry dont the name) its sparkly shimmery and just BEAUTIFUL! its very pigmented and it looks like it was made in heaven!!!!!! i love using it in my inner cornners and on my cheek bones, although i think its a little too strong for all over facial highlights and brow highlights so i still use it for those, but i belnd them out with a matte white another small issue i had was when i did a look for a contest on a good friend of mine, she had a bad allergic reaction to it. it could happen with anyone and any product, but just be careful especially if you have contacts and/or other cosmetic related allergies

Christina L.
A must-have!

This product was brought to my attention by the You Tube guru, Makeup By Mel. I bought Cafe Au Lait and I am in love with it! I couldn't believe how pigmented this was! The quality is incredible...just as good as my MAC pigments and much cheaper! I plan on buying plenty more. Some of these are great as highlights as well. I would pick some up immediately if I didn't have any!

Chantay W.
Buy it!

I have every single color. There is a wide range of shades from natural to crazy, and they are all pigmented and blend well. The only thing, which isn't even a bad thing, is that they do all have shimmer or sparkle of some kind, so if you are looking for a matte loose pigment you won't find one from this brand. All of the colors are just beautiful! And when you compare them to prices MAC or Urban Decay, you are getting an amazing deal, because the quality of these is just as good, and there are some very unique shades as well! I would recommend giving them a try!

Sydney C.
Must Haves !

I was introduced to these loose shadows about a year ago and they are amazing! Jesse's Girl has a variety of different shades from neutral to extremely bright! I love these so much! They have good color payoff and are very affordable!

Tasia G.

For a drug store brand, the range of colors available is AMAZING. They have so many unique pigments with multicolor shimmers, that I was speechless when I saw these at my local Rite-Aid. I gave these 4 stars for beauty & uniqueness, and because they are a great price. However, my only qualm is that they tend to crease a lot faster on me than anything else I wear. I have extremely oily skin, so it may just be me, but that's my only disappointment ]:

Miss Manny S.
Super pretty

I have just about a million of these loose eyeshadows and I'm absolutely obsessed! I love that they have a few shades of red (which are kind of hard to come across sometimes) and the shimmer/sparkle is out of this WORLD. Though they ARE really vibrant, they're not always super opaque and sometimes they have a little trouble sticking to the skin without a primer. These are absolutely gorgeous with a cream eyeshadow underneath, and so inexpensive!!!