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Jesse's Girl

Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss


Victoria D.
Cant get over it!

I cannot get over these glosses! They are so incredible and gorgeous, I could just stare at them in the tube for forever! There are three shades (that I've found so far), and they all look similar in the tube, but on the lips they each have a different color/effect. You can use them as an every day clearish lipgloss with a twist, or apply ontop of a darker color for a more intense, unique look! AND they're found at the drugstore! What more could you ask for!?

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Blondee B.

i am in ove with this gloss!!!!! not only is it beautiful to stare at (for hours and hours) but its moisturizing not sticky or goopy it acts like an oil or something and it lets your lips be kissable the only thing i was dissapointed with is that its prettier to stare at it in the tube than on your lips, its pretty mucha clear gloss on but im still in love with it!!!!

Elisa S.
So pretty!

So in the bottle, the color is incredible. Right away I put it on and... regular clear lip gloss BUT! Either piling it on or applying it over a dark lip color makes the in-the-bottle craziness begin. I hope to put up photos soon because the effect is really incredible.

Edit: Check my photos out! This goop is pretty sweet and I hope to own the whole collection soon >:D There are so many possibilities!