Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer


Yomaira C.
Holy Grail Self Tanner!

Everytime I use this product I get nothing but compliments. It really does give the skin a natural glow. This product is a white cream with a subtle hint of shimmer. Apply it after you shower everyday and let it dry for 3-5minutes before putting on should start to see results within 2-3days. I absolutely love that I do not look orange (like most products) and it looks like a natural tan....worth it!

Angela s.
my go to

When I can't get my hands on Victoria Secrets airbrush self tanner I use this one in fair to medium. I love this self tanner. If you get the right color, apply it correctly, and daily you'll love it to. I do think they could improve the scent a little more though, its gotten a little better since it first came out though.

Skyler S.

Natural Glow gave me a very nice, gradual tan. It really worked well for me after using for about a month. I have a beautiful drak color for winter, and it is cheaper than pay to go to the taning bed. Its also great to get color AND moisture for dry winter skin.

Sydney C.

Since last summer I have been using this to give me a nice tan for the summer. Just a little tip I always get the one for medium to tan skin tones (even if I'm fair at the time) because it gives you an instant tan. Also if you apply to much and it uneven I recommend going over your body with a loofah in the shower it will help even it out, and lastly if you are quite fair then I would recommend only using it once or twice a week so you don't look orange.

Rachelle-Denise  M.
Black Girls Tan Too!!!

This is my first time using "sunless tanner lotion". Like most of the world, I assumed that tanning was just for those women with "less pigmentation" but after researching and finding out that it can actually add a glow and conceal stretch marks---I flew to the drugstore! (Former Fat Kid). I have noticed a difference and since it is my first time--I can't help but be impressed. It gives me a healthy glow and actually blends out my skin tone. I don't splatter it on my face, instead I use a pea size amount and mix it with "normal lotion"--I can't have it messing with my "money maker". It gives me the MORE confidence to wear "flirty pieces" ;-).

Dani M.

I use the face moisturizer daily. I normally try to keep my face covered when I tan and this product has been keeping my face a nice color. It's light enough to be used daily, it has spf 15, and there is no self-tanning smell that a lot of the lotions have that I cannot stand.

Amber L.
i like it

i like it for my pale self but i cant handle the smell yuckk it makes me look tan but i have to make sure it doesnt come out blotchy it affordable tho and tans me so i like it

Amanda C.
Improves the appearance of blotchy uneven skin.

Ive been using Jergens Natural Glow for a while already and have seen great improvement in my skin. First of all I love that it has an spf of 20 and prevents premature aging. The skin on my face used to be very pale and blotchy. This moisturizer has evened out my skin tone pretty well and has given me a natural tan/glow. Plus the feel of the moisture is not too thick at all.

Lexy E.
Easy to use but smelly

This stuff is really goof proof, especially for someone like me who has never used self tanner before. I have the mousse version and it does leave a sticky film once applied. I put it on at night before bed so I don't spend the day feeling sticky. It also has a yucky smell to it that lingers until you shower. On the plus side, it does leave a nice sun kissed glow that lasts if you apply everyday!

Samantha V.

this doesnt last does give good color, but it comes off in the shower. also, the smell is HORRIBLE. however, if you want a light tan that isnt too deep or different than your natural skin color, this works.