Jack Black

Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

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Soo N.
hefty price for a moisturizing lip balm, probably my favorite though
Photo of product included with review by Soo N.

I am totally part of the hype with this lip balm. This is basically a review for the Lemon with Chamomile flavor, but almost all of the aspects (minus smell) apply to the others I've tried as well. It is tasteless to me, unless I deliberately lick my lips and then I taste waxiness. The smell doesn't linger for long after application. In terms of wear, it really lasts, even after eating I can feel remnants of the balm and I like how I can worry less about my lips drying out. Another thing (that I usually don't think about with lip products) is that it has 25 SPF, so it helps protect your lips when you're out in the sun too. The color seems clear for the most part, but does look like it is a very faint yellow. The texture is thick and you'll definitely feel that on the lips. I don't mind that aspect, but it might bother others. There are only two things I would nitpick about this lip balm. One, is that every time you open it after the first use, the tiny piece of plastic that pokes out into the shape of the applicator hole (inside the cap) pushes out balm around the hole of the applicator. Second, is its hefty price tag of 8$ for 0.25 oz of lip balm. Attached is a swatch of the Lemon with Chamomile one. I love the citrus smell of it! Others I've tried include Black Tea & Blackberry and Vanilla & Lavender. I absolutely love the smell of the Black Tea & Blackberry one and would pass on getting the Vanilla & Lavender flavor. It just doesn't seem like a smell I'd want on my lips.

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Nicole A.
Temptila was right

wow this lip balm is the balm lol, I read temptila all the time and Christine has been raving about this balm forever. During the last sephora sale I picked up a couple. This balm is everything, I have severe dry lips because of matte and liquid lipstick usage one use of this stuff kept my lips moistened and soft all night while I slept. It's not near as sticky as most balms it's kinda on the thicker side and it moisterizes like crazy. $7.50 is kinda pricy for one tube but totally worth it. they have several flavors mine personally is the blackberry and black tea. (:

Melanie C. Team
Favorite lip balm of all time

It is well known amongst my family and friends that I tend to freak out a little (actually a lot) if I can't locate my lip balm - it needs to be on my person at all times, no matter what. I've been using the Jack Black lip balm for about 5 years now and my friends always know to get me the 4 pack gift set at Christmas! I love, love, this balm. It's moisturizing, stays on well, and the different flavors are great. The only one I tend not to use is the mint one because I feel like it dries my lips out (most mint products do one me) but everything else I love. The scents are not heavy nor overpowering. They are pricier than most other balms out there but I've been coming back to this for years now and will pay a bit more for a product that I know works and doesn't dry or make my lips more chapped.

Grace C.

I am soo IN LOVEEEE with this product!! Other lip balms dont work for me as it dries up the lips even more, but this one is AMAZING!!! just one application overnight and all cracks are healed!!! The mint is relieving especially for summer, so love the effect of it. my lips look more healthy within 2 days. I put it on my bf's crack lips and it look so kissable lol.

Anna W.
Moisturizing and Lovely.
Photo of product included with review by Anna W.

I am a lip balm junkie. Seriously, I've got a couple dozen chapsticks and balms stashed around my apartment. I don't reach for gloss, I reach for balm.

Burt's Bees was my go-to for the last decade, but since buying a single tube of Jack Black, Burt has been kicked off his throne.

Because this formula is in a tube, it applies thicker than balms in stick form. It has a really natural look, and isn't sticky. (When I first used it I kind of expected it to be a little tacky, but it's smoothy smooth smooth.) It sinks into lips and hydrates and heals them. My lips are in better condition than they've ever been.

I like that it has SPF 25, and the smell is very faint. It is truly flavorless as well.

It's pricier than other lip balms, but it outperforms everything else I've used, so I'll go back for more. I actually need to immediately, because I've been rolling mine like a toothpaste tube trying to get the last little bit out of the package.