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Brenda B.
Top Coat Matte

I bought the Top Coat Matte to try and let me tell you that this is the one !!! You apply the top coat over any polish and wah lah... Matte finish !!!! A huge money saver because your not buying every shade of matte polish out there ! I'm a cosmologists so this product is perfect. Apply base coat, desired polish and then Top Coat Matte and watch as the color turns matte ! It's fun too! The top coat also has staying power . My hands are constantly in the wash bowl and my polish always peels. Not with Inglot! ;)

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Paula C.

One of the best polishes I've ever used. Beautiful colours, easy and smooth application and the bottles are very big. Loads of product for that price. Love them so much. It dries pretty quick and doesn't chip easily, especially with a top coat. I'm definitely going to expand my inglot collection soon.

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Shelly S.
Simply Awesome

Being a working mother a long staying nail enamel is what I look for and Inglot gives me just it :) Lovely colors and the matt finish is just perfect

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really nice warm pinky peachy color with a fine golden sheen. has a slightly translucent quality. a good, neutral, worksafe-y color--kind of boring, but sometimes you need boring, and pink is always pretty. best part, dries REALLY fast, which makes me love it.

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Mariah C.

Omg I Love This Product So Much. It Dries Super Fast And Its Color Is Really Smooth But Glossy. Id Really Give This A Five Star Rating Because Its Super Flashy,Cute,In Style ,Glossy,Non Time Consuming ,Easy To Apply And, It Doesn't Chip. Especially If You Use A Clear Coat Over It.😘💕🎀💅

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Rachel H.

This polish has a lot of pigment great shine it's long lasting and great for any occasion I am in love with the product I also like the matte finish

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Myrna P.
Shade 305

I love the color selection that Inglot has in the nail department. I bought a few shades at imats for $5.00 . My nail polish chipped on the third day. Bummer.

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a beautiful, neutral metallic color! goes on pretty opaque in one coat, but I prefer two. the main reason I like it so much is that it dries super fast. less than a minute I would say, no more than two minutes max, and you're safe to go about normally without worrying about the polish. love it.

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Renee P.

It went on beautifully,it has just the right hint of white glittery shimmer.I would totally repurchase and different shades as well!!

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Manar K.

It is an amazing color could be worn for summer and winter i am just in love with it such a unique color for girls and I think every girl would like it :)

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