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Intense Sparkler Face Eyes Body Highlighter

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glittery joy!

This product is exactly what it says! If you need a glittery sparkly product , this is it. You can use dry or with a little setting spray. Either way it works! I bought the gold color and love it.

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Randi B.
Not a Natural Highlight

While this product is super pretty, it is far too glittery for the face (in my opinion). I was hoping for more of a highlight rather than glitter for a rave. Still very pretty, but not too sure where I'll be using this product.

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Suzie R.

Love this highlighter it goes on great I've used it all over my body and the glow is so beautiful, definitely buying another

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Starla R.

I use this on my checks, and also to add sparkle to the inner corner of my eyes. Buy this shade you can’t go wrong.

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Elizabeth  M.
Sunlit sparkles!

Loved this product...extremely “sparkly “ but can be used on eyes, middle of lips, cheeks or just an overall dusting that looks gorgeous when light hits it. Use wet brush for a hit of drama. A soft color that has a soft texture. Probably not for you if you don’t like glitter.