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Eye Shadow Keeper

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Larissa L.
The best eye shadow primer in the market

I have tried numerous eye shadow primers from high end to drug store brands. I have oily lids and it is very challenging for me to keep eye shadows on for 12 hours without creasing. This primer is the FIRST to give me all day wear without any creasing. It is amazing. I have tried cream shadows, good and not so good shadows over it. It hasn't failed me. In love.

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Julia B.
The best!

After using primers from Mac and Urban Decay, I prefer this one far and away. It works great with Inglot products and other brands as well. I put this on before my liner and shadow, and the makeup lasts 8-10 hours.

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Dava S.
Worked even better than expected!!!!!

When I first put it on, it was slick feeling, I thought no way! I figured it would be in the crease in no time. Unbelievably, it kept my eyeshadow in place ALL day and evening. This is the only primer that I have tried in 30 years, that actually worked for 12 hours! I would absolutely recommend this to everyone!!!!!

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Taylor S.
Love it

I love this it really brings out your eye color so good I think some makeup addict or someone that is going out to dinner I so love it you really should try it I love it so so so much omg so cool love it so so so so so so so so so much

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Jenna I.

I absolutely love this primer. My eyeshadow has been on for 12 hours and is still going strong. It's better than any primer I've tried before. I definitely recommend it and will be repurchasing when the time comes.

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Melissa K.
Powder finish

I like this primer because it's slightly different than other silicone-esque shadow primers. After applying, it dries down quickly and feels slightly powdery on the lid. I've tried several different types of shadows over the primer, and they all blend well. I didn't experience any mid-day fade or creasing. The wear time wasn't anything fantastic, about 8 hours before touch noticeable fading. Overall it's a solid choice, for creating a smooth base for shadow application.

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Jessica H.

I dont know why so many people are saying this product is really great. Not only is this so little amount, the quality isnt that great either. I have dry/oily combination skin and this doesnt really help .

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Taylor K.

Holy moly!! This stuff is incredible. I put a little on my eyes in hopes that this would help prevent my oily eyes from getting the line on my upper lid from my eyeliner. Well, not only did it prevent that, but it freaking kept my eyeshaddow in place for nearly two days. That was not on purpose, but I had such a busy weekend that I fell asleep with my makeup on (not good I know), and it was still in place the next morning. I went about my whole day too lazy to take it off and reapply my makeup and it barely budged by the end if the day. This stuff is the holy grail.