Imju Fiberwig



Jeixel C.

I love, love Fiberwig! Although I think its mostly suitable and great for asian lashes. I like how it doesn't clump or smudge even if you wear it all day. It looks natural like you're not wearing any mascara at all and its not heavy unlike others. So if you're a fan of heavy lashes, this is not for you.

Katherine Y.

This is the first high-end mascara I've ever bought. I really liked the whole concept of "fake lashes" from a mascara, however, this product only works for me when I apply a waterproof mascara first as a base.

I first purchased the original formula (pictured above) at Sephora for $24. A couple of months later, my dad made a business trip to Japan and brought me back two more bottles, $14 or $15 each. The mascaras straight from Japan had a different packaging, new wand, and apparently a slightly new formula.

The bottles from Japan (with the curved wand) are the ones they now sell at Sephora. I'm pretty sure the original formula is no longer available.

Many people who compare the old and new formulas say that the original worked better for them. I can't really tell a difference between the two but I prefer the newer one because of the wand. I feel it applies the mascara much neater than the previous one.

To easily remove the mascara, I use the purity cleanser and warm water.

Romee H.
second best!

I used to use Anna Sui Super Mascara Long Lash #001. But Sephora stop carrying it, so I switch to Fiberwig.. With Fiberwig mascara I have to use thicker mascara as base and then use Fiberwig for lengthening. Even the very last drop, Fiberwig mascara was thin and clump free, I like my mascara to volumize my lash and extra lengthening with fiber! Anna Sui long lash is still my #1 fav mascara, but Fiberwig does right job too :)

Tiffany M.

It does build up volume for me and formula doesn't dry up too quickly. Only downfall is it doesn't hold a curl. It definitely weights the lashes back down once applies. Otherwise its great.

Mindy D.

If you are looking for a mascara with a fake lash effect or a tube mascara, there are much better products out there. I was not impressed with the lengthening effects of this mascara. I have very long think lashes to begin with, but I didn't notice a real lengthening of the lashes after it was applied. One plus of this mascara is that it is extremely easy to remove, but this can generally be expected with all tube mascara.

Monique B.

I got this mascara because so many people raved about it. It seemed like a great product, however it didn't make my lashes thicker and only slightly longer than what they were. It didn't smudge and removing it was a breeze however it doesn't compensate for the lack of volume and length. All the reviews were done with the original formula, so that may something to do with it but I would not buy this again. It was far to expensive and I get better results with Maybelline volume express.

Myshel D.

I tried it because it was all the rave. It weighed now my lashes, didn't give it any volume or thickness, smudged easily and it irritated my eye so bad that it looked like I had a pink eye. I say skip it!

Ning C.

I usually love thermal mascara formulas, but this Fiberwig mascara smudged on me in about an hour. I was really disappointed considering all the advertising that it's so amazing. I also didn't find the fibers to be as lengthening or natural-looking (it was very clumpy) as other formulas (there was a Mary Quant mascara that I got in Japan years ago that was my favorite fiber mascara). Not for me.