Under Cover Agent Oil Control Primer


diana s.

I just started using this primer but its in a different package than the one above. I really liked this primer it goes on really nicely and makes a perfect base for my makeup. The only other I've used is a rimmel primer and my makeup looked horrible after about an hour. This one keeps my makeup looking very fresh and matte all day. And to me the smell isn't the best but it fades after a little while

Jasmine G.
Perfect summer primer

Very lightweight and smooth. Builds the perfect base for my look...but man the smell is horrible! I was ready to return it once I got a smells like rotten fruit to me, but don't let that shy you away as you might not as repulsed as I was.

Nowadays I'm over the smell because it is really good in the hot weather and I still look acceptable by the end of the day. I even use this alone when I don't have time for makeup and I want my skin to look smooth.