Sheer Lipgloss

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Eliza H.
Love it

So many beautiful colours to choose from. I wouldnt call this sheer as there is a fair amount of pigment. Cute little squeezing tube and is easy to apply. Feels thick and kind of sticky but i dont mind that. I just really love the colour of electrify and im interested to see divine.

Naomi D.
Love it!
Photo of product included with review by Naomi D.

A good clear gloss is hard to find (some stink, some are really thin and others are WAY too thick) but Illamasqua's Sheer Lipgloss is perfect! It has a very soft, unimposing smell & the perfect consistency.

Nadia N.
Lighter than intense but not sheer loves it!

This is a beautiful lipgloss! I love that's its lighter than the intense and the colors are gorgeous and maybe a little more neutral than the intense. It is a little sticky but it doesn't really bother me. I also love the wide range of shades and they work on all skin tones. I have one in soul which is a beautiful golden peachy bronzey color but on the site says champagne I don't think so. I put this over a nude once and wow really packed a punch and helped the nude not wash me out like many do! Great product by illamasqua!

Angela W.
Sheer? No.

It's weird that they consider this stuff sheer because it has a ton of pigment and really isn't sheer at all! I love the bright colors and have been indulging in my bubblegum pink fantasy make up thanks to this lovely gloss!