Powder Blusher

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Ornella N.

I love this blush! It's really pigmented, a little goes a really long way. It was my first time ordering from this website and I'm thinking about getting some more! Really great quality!

Jasmine S.

These blushes are highly pigmented that have a natural look in the cheeks. They have a nice feeling whenever you swatch them which believe it or not kind of feels like butter! I highly recommend this blush if you want to try a more expensive blush, this colour unrequited is a beautiful pink shade

Lorna G.

I really enjoy Illamasqua’s entire range of cosmetics, but my, am I IN LOVE with their powder blushes! Illamasqua’s blushes come in a array of unique colours with high pigmentation. Each individual colour brings a whole new statement to your face! Right now, I am just in awe with the Morale blush. Morale to me is the best pink blush I have came across! It’s a shimmer blush, which can be applied with a light hand, over the cheecks for a subtle hint of pink, or be applied with a short shader brush as an eyeshadow pigment. It’s so versatile due to it’s high pigmentation, definitely worth the purchase!

Bailey B.

I bought the powder blusher in the color Disobey because of NikkieTutorials (Youtube). I find that I can not only use this as a blush, but also a contour and bronzer. I've had the opportunity to use this on one of my friends who has fair skin, and this was a perfect contour for her. It gave her a soft glow and wasn't spotty or uneven on her skin. The blusher also has a light fragrance to it which dissipates after applying it. Yet another nice touch. I will be purchasing more of these.

Haydee P.
Incredible !

I'm completely in love with this blush. Its so pigmented i only have to slightly touch it with the brush and its perfect. It also has smooth application and blends like a dream, and lasts all day. I want to get more of these.

Nakimah W.
perfect corally orange blush

I got this blush because I was looking for all these types of orange blushers. I put it on and It looks great on my skin tone. Not too orange and not to coral. Definitely lasts all day with no signs of fading. I will definitely consider buying more blushes from Illamasqua.

Emily B.
LOVE - such a beautiful apricot shade!

I bought Lover during Sephora's Chic Week. We don't carry Illamasqua in my Sephora, so I looked up a ton of reviews and swatches, and ordered it online. It's a beautiful, vibrant apricot-coral shade, which is perfect for warming up my porcelain skin! It's also very very very soft and pigmented--the tiniest bit on a stippling brush goes a LONG way. Overall, I love this blush and am so happy that I chose this shade. This was my first purchase from the brand, but I will continue to go back and buy more from them!

Stephanie S.
You just cannot top perfection...

This is my all-time absolute favorite blush. It provides the perfect flush without looking overdone or makeup-y. It doesn't just sit on the skin, it magically blends in and looks so natural. I am quite pale, and this blush does not overwhelm at all, even though it is intensely pigmented. It is the easiest go-to cheek product in my collection of 75+ blushers, highlighters, etc. It compliments a vast range of makeup looks from bold eyes to barely-there makeup and everything in between. I recommend this to absolutely everyone.

Kristina H.
Highly pigmented with amazing application!

I know it is hard for many people to spend that extra money on blush.. well.. because blush is blush.. right? No, you couldn't be more wrong. This is radiance in a powder form that you can put on your face for only twenty-six dollars (you can't put a price on stunning)! It is basically a miracle that you should consider at least trying on at your local Sephora. But you should save yourself the trip to come back for it later and just buy it on the spot. I now have two colors, Ambition and Allure and though there is the detection of shimmers in the powder, it does not make your face look like studio 54 threw up on you. Some tips with these blushes- be light handed, it is very easy to go too far, and you could be treading too close to the avant garde advertising they usually feature. These blushers blend like a DREAM but don't slide off your face later. Basically, I'm in love.

Amylee D.
My fave blush ever!

Excite has to been my favourite powder blusher ever! It was the first orangey/peachy blush i had tried an was instantly in love :) ita a matt blush an goes perfecly with nearly every single makeup look i have done. Illamasqua blusher last foreverrr! Ive had my excite blush for around a year an have still not hit pan!! That how pigmented they are you only need the tinyest amount!