Cream Blusher

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Lisa J.
the best cream blush

i love this blush and product line - very very pigmented, blendable and beautiful. i use these as a light "watercolor" flush where and when needed - as a pop of color over other blush if needed - as a final touch for most all my brides - i have every color and they are truly my workhorse in my kit. LOVE!

Annie A.
A beautiful and very pigmented rose pink/plum shade

The Betray Cream blush by Illamasqua is a beautiful deep rose-plum colour that looks great on dark skin tones. This cream blush is very pigmented so I would recommend using with a light hand of you will end up using a lot more than you planned to.

I recommend using a stippling blush to apply this blush to your skin x

Leila V.

I stopped using powder blushers some few years ago when I noticed they were making my very dry skin look even chalkier and unatural, so I converted to cream and mousse based formulas. As an avid fan of Illamasqua's skin base foundation, I requested that the lovely lady behind the counter at Selfridges help me pick a cream blush shade suitable for my pale skin tone. I was pretty suprised to find that my skin actually suited this stunning salmon pink, and instantly snapped it up. The pigment is amazing, when initially put on the skin the shade is exactly how it looks in the compact, but after a little blending, it turns into a lovely dewy, subtle shade that looks flawlessly natural (no streaks!). The one and only downside is that the formula is quite greasy in the compact, which can be slightly off putting. It does not, however, feel greasy on the skin.

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Grace M.
Creamy, fun color, very pigmented.

Illamasqua's blushes are all made alike. There isn't one good color, one bad color...they are hits for whatever shade is your pick. I chose Laid bc I wanted something very original. What I like about Illamasqua's blushes is that they are so pigmented, yet are easily buildable, and blendable. I just take a light amount of product, with two clean fingertips, and apply to the center of my cheek, and blend back. Once you pop on face powder, it sets, stays, and tones down just a slight touch. Laid is a perfect flush for all skintones. Its a nice berry shade, without being rosey.

Tanya R.
One of the Best

Easy to apply, great color, and lasts all day!

Joshua M.
Super Pigmented and Easy to work with.

So betray cream blush by Illamasqua is a dusty rose plum, rarther red but none the less a beautiful colour and universal on all skin tones. The finnish of this product is dewy and its pigmentation is one that can not be faulted! The texture is light and blends super easy, that being if you were to use a sponge, brush or even your fingertips, this product is easy to work with and deffinatly worth the money. You need sooo little of this colour due to its dence pigment and creamy consistency and can be aplyed sheer to give a subbtle naturaly flushed and frost bitten cheek or aplyed heavy for a dramatic red/plum blush that looks far beyond natural, but still of corse fierce! Last's a long time and in my opinion one of the best cream blushers i have have tried....ever!

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Althea V.
best highlight!

i use this as a highlight for my cheekbones and i love it! gives my cheeks a nice sheen which i love and they're really creamy and smooth and go on the skin very nice.

Andii J.
Better than MAC

Use it how you want its super pigmented so its really good and you get a large pan so for the price its good i always but this on then some powder blush on top so if my blush wears off this is still under it. amazing stuff good build able colour

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