Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation


Helen C.

This product is amazing 🤩 I barely touch up my face the whole day. The formula is so unique. When you apply it on your face, it feels like powder on the face when it’s dry. The face feels so smooth and soft. Very good for oily skin!

Jo S.
Holy Grail!!

I am so so so glad I chanced upon this and decided to try (despite the high price point)… all my life I have been searching for a suitable foundation for myself, as I have super oily and dry combi skin… nothing works for the oily t zone. It shines throughout the day and nothing stays and everything would just melt and turn patchy… but this, this is indeed immaculate… I still need a primer (I use hourglass veil mineral) and a setting powder… but this is by far the BEST foundation I have ever used… pricey, but worth every penny…

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hillbillys beauty Q.
Love this, great for oily skin

I'm honestly amazed. I have tried so many foundations from high end (hourglass, jouer, estee Lauder, dior, cover fx..) mid range (urban decay, too faced, Anastasia, kvd, bare minerals..)to lower end (NYC, covergirl, wet n wild, juvias..) an none I can compare with this hourglass immaculate liquid to powder foundation, it's kinda like magic if u have oily skin, idk what's in this stuff lol but no foundation has ever lasted all day without me having to blot my oilfield smh.. this one did. Normally when I shop beautylish or anywhere I'll grab 2 foundations just bc most the time I go with something hyped about an it's a let down. This time I purchased cover fx powerplant & hourglass immaculate liquid to powder foundation and both I'm totally tickled by. I honestly don't know yet which I like more. Highly recommend both if you have oily skin.

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Nicky T. Team
Holy grail foundation for oily skin.

As a makeup artist I’ve used many foundations over the years and this is by far still my favorite for personal use. The liquid formula dries to a powder finish, leaving my skin looking amazing all day. I love trying and experimenting with different formulations but when I need a foolproof base for the day, this is my go-to. This foundation is also great for photography and videography. It’s simple beautiful on screen and off. I hope anyone who’s oily skin gives this a try, I highly recommend it.

Ps, I’ve started using this foundation since it came out and it’s still my absolute fav.

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Catherine M.
super matte

I have very oily skin, a MAC NC30, and lives in a very humid Manila especially during summer. This dries like Fenty but not thick like Becca's ever-matte foundation. I could not remove a star on Nude tho it looks dark on me but I cannot say I am to blame cause this is an online purchase and if the website is not helping out on finding the right shade then I cannot say it's the customer's fault. But since i bought a lighter shade from Fenty I just mixed them to tone down the shades. Anyway I find it very rare to really get hold of the perfect shade for me from any brands. But I can attest that my made up face lasted for a little over 9 hours without being overly oily. I mean even Fenty can only last for nearly 4 hours before oil starts to peep out. I recommend this for those with oily skin.

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Les N.
way worth the $55!

I love how buildable it is and the coverage is just.. AMAZING. it is great for us oily skin girls. this use to be my daily foundation but I totally forgot about it and might have to repurchase! I recommend this to anyone who has oily skin, wants medium-full coverage that is buildable.

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Allison W.
Not for everyone

I agree with the reviewers who mentioned dry patches. I went back to get a more moisturizing formula (smashbox 15 hour) for the winter and I will give this another try this spring or summer. I thought I had my dry patch problem solved by using my clarisonic and moisturizer, but the hourglass foundation sought the dry areas of my face out like a missile and it was not a good look:(

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Alex A.
Very unforgiving for dry patches.

As someone with very oily skin this felt completely dry on me till the point that I felt uncomfortable wearing it minutes after applying it. The finish looks too flawless that it doesn't look natural to me. I got a sample from my skin IQ match at Sephoras and I still have quite a bit left and I'm debating if I shold give it another shot. And I also know to make sure to exfoliate beforehand cause this will emphasize dry patches.

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Steve C.

I apply with the sephora foundation brush. it simply makes my skin smooth and pretty without looking made up. it's the foundation I have been searching for forever. it provides enough coverage for everyday,and builds easily when I'm in the mood for spectacular.

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Jonada D.
absolutley hate it

this is so horrible it its hard to get it to look flawless and it won't stay on my face!! hate it. For some reason it just does not like my skin i broke out from it too. And it dried me up.

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