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Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse


Alison G.
Love it!

I've been using this since junior high! This is the best product because with my Asian dead straight hair it still manages to keep my waves on! I don't even have to use hair spray! This product itself does a job well done! It also leaves your hair smooth and shiny and smelling good! The only thing I hate ): since I'm always retouching up on my hair and fixing this product sadly frizzes up! But just buy an anti-frizz gel to take that away. Other than that it's awesome C:

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Brianna H.
all around good

This is the best mousse I've ever used. It doesn't weigh your hair down. It really brings out the curl in my hair when I scrunch it. No other products bring out the curl as well as this one. It smells lovely as well. It also helps de-frizz, and that's the kicker for me. If you scrunch your hair often and are considering using this, give it a whirl!

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Bria K.
Every Day Necessity

I have found that this product really helps enhance my naturals waves. Now I use all of the Tousle Me Softly line on a regular basis. I never thought my wavy/frizzy/puffy hair could look like I put hours into it when all I do is wash it and add mouse!

Erica W.

I use this every day! i have to have mousse for my hair to hold a curl all day. I found this one is cheap, and works great! i like the sent too. This product works great i always have to have a stock of it!