Herbal Essences

Long Term Relationship Conditioner for Long Hair


Monika P.
i love it

this long term relationships shampoo and conditioner is great. i used it on my long hair and it actually felt like my hair was more luscious and longer as well. it smells great and also repairs the hair to give it that soft touch feel!

Kaitlin J.

I have long hair and thought I would try this product out since I love Herbal Essences. The smell is AMAZING I love the smell of this shampoo and conditioner but that is the ONLY thing I like about it. It made my hair disgustingly greasy. It took me literally a week of washing it everyday to get it back to it's normal state. I figured this would be a light shampoo & conditioner but I was totally mistaken. It makes me sad because I still have full bottles of this stuff and I want to use it for the fragrance but I can't bear going another week looking like I have never showered!