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Hard Candy

Take Me Out Liner


Ariel V.

I have the black andIm wearing it at this very moment. The colors are nice and creamy and they stay in place. the black one is VERY dark. I usually wear a liquid liner on my upper lash line, but after using the Take Me Out liner, I think im going to have to go buy a full size one.

Julie S.

love it! i got the teal color and i love it! perfect pigment and so many colors to choose from im so in love and cant wait to get the other colors. i use elf mist and set over the top to make it stay in my my water line and it works

Katie M.

I am in love with Hard Candy. With a good primer first, these beautiful colors will stay bright. I love the variety of colors and how nicely they go on. The only problem with these is that it seems to only complement fair skin-tones. They aren't as bright for other people I have learned that sharing them with my friend.

Amanda M.
Eyepencils !

Ahh love these , i also have 3 , a black silver and gold , their so cute with a glittery pencil and actually glittery color ! there not as dark as other eyeliners so you cant multiuse them , there only good as eyeliner


Monique S.
good color , weird cap

I like to try all shades of purple liners, looking for that more iridescent purple, or the one that has flecks of glitter in it, or even my next "favorite favorite". This did not happen with Hard Candy. The color is true. but The pencil doesn't lay down color better than what I already have. The color does mix well with other products to achieve custom colored details. but I keep misplacing the cap, because it cannot fit on the pointed tip.

Simera H.

Oh how I wanted to love these eyeliners, but sadly they turned out to be a fail for me. The colors are gorgeous and pigmented but they just don't last on my lids and I have very dry eyelids. They fade away very easily even after setting it. If only they had better staying power these liners would be amazing.

Kristina H.
Wanted to love it, but it was a bust

I have this pencil in Ahi, which I thought would be an awesome bright color but instead it isn't as pigmented as I had hoped (they didn't have testers just the sealed pencils). Maybe it is just the color that I had purchased and the others may have better color pay off but instead it is just sort of like a sheer hi-liter marker in eyeliner form. The one thing that it doubles for is a hair styling stick... which is about all I use it for. But it works for that perfectly... which is why it got an additional 1/2 star...