Hard Candy

Stroke of Gorgeous


Tilly P.

I fell in love with it in just one day. At first I didn't think it was gonna work like all the others I bought in the the past. But it proved me wrong.

Niki M.

This is easy to use and stays on for a while. It goes on like a marker and doesn't clump up or get all over the place like liquid eyeliners. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is in a hurry but needs a little makeup.

Miki C.

I got this liquid eye liner a few days ago.. AND I LOVE IT! This is my first hard candy products, i got this eyeliner in black and purple. and also when i was there i bought a foundation from hard candy called ' just face it ' And i love all three prducts i bought! <3

Simera H.
My new Love

I have this in Little Black dress and I love it. It's super pigmented and so easy to apply. It's basically mistake proof. Great eyeliner for beginners. It dries super fast and the lasting power is great/ Doesn't transfer or smudge plus its really affordable.

Melissa E.
Great liquid Liner

hey guys! I got this eyeliner yesterday, typically I'm not great with liquid liners but it's something about the pens that I can work with! I absolutely love this liner I bought it in little black dress. to see more of my review click here: http://lifebeyondbase.com/?p=1278

Kristen A.
Little Black Dress
Kristen A.'s Review Image

I couldn't find a flaw with this eyeliner. The pigmentation is superb, it precisely applies color and it's just wet enough to get the job done without bleeding or taking a while to dry. It isn't the smoothest at going from one end of the eye to the other (it drags that way), but short, small strokes is the way to go with liquid liner anyway (usually).

"Little Black Dress" lasted all day and night without smudging or fading, and when I went to remove it 12+ hours later, it looked exactly as it did when I first applied. Though it is waterproof, I had no difficulties removing this eyeliner with a makeup removing cleanser.

I simply love Hard Candy's Stroke of Gorgeous Felt Tip Eyeliner in "Little Black Dress"! Whether you're applying a simple, black line, wing, or dramatic cat-eye, "Little Black Dress" will get the job done perfectly. Also, since it's a felt tip pen, it's easier for beginners or those not-as-skilled to apply without making mistakes. This liner is a must-try!