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Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer

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Sofia M.

I'm not an expert on tinted moisturizers, i haven't tried out many from other brands however so far i am liking the results from this. I have this in Light and it goes on very smooth and sheer. i layered it over concealer and it was sheer enough where my face looked natural and not over done, yet tinted enough to blend with the concealer. Only weird thing i find about it is the smell...it smells like sunscreen which is understandable since it contains it but idk...i feel like if i wanted my face to smell like sunscreen i would have bought sunscreen for the face. But all in all i am please with the results. I love the fact that my face looks fresh and dewy/glowy after application :)

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Brittany H.
My HG Tinted Moitsurizer

I could go on and on about this product, but in a nut shell, I couldn't live without it for about 2 years, unfortunately my local Hard Candy supplier (Walmart) has taken this product of their shelves.. *tears* .. it smells like sun screen, which is so pleasant to me, it offers decent coverage, and it seemed to have cleared up my complexion..

The only con to this product, but i barely even had a problem with this is they only offer a few shades.. Fair, Light, Medium, and Tan, I believe..

I am in love this product and if I must, I might order it off the Hard Candy site!

Ariel V.

AMAZING PRODUCT. I just lvoe this stuff. It def.. evens out my skkin tone. And it very light weight. It does smell a bit like sun screen at first but the smell deff wears away after about 5 minutes. I would totally go out and buy more of this. It goes on very smooth and lasts all day

Courtney D.
Awesome Product!!!!!!!!!!

This is, by far, the best tinted moisturizer I have ever used. I've gone through quite a few different ones, ranging from Almay to e.l.f. But nothing really compares to this. Sure, it has light coverage. But paired with the right kind of powder, it's my go-to summer facial favorite!

Alexandra G.

This is my first tinted moisturizer but I love it! :) I love placing my sponge under water, squeezing the water out, putting a pea size amount of product, and then stippling it on my skin. I just love this for evening out my skin tone and keeping it safe from the sun's harmful rays. I do not like the thick feeling of foundation on my skin, so I love using my HC tinted moisturizer. I don't use it everyday, but when I need more coverage then a concealer... I reach for this. <3 It is a nice base for my makeup, goes on smooth, does not look cakey, and gives me a little bit of a glow. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Gabriella R.
Love it:)

i bought this a week ago at walmart because i wanted to take a break from my makeup so that my face would clear up but i wanted something to put on when i go out and i heard that some brands make tinted moisturizer. so while i was at walmart i saw this one. i tryed it out and i love it. it brightins my face and gives you a natural look. plus it has spf 15 great for a summer day or looking good on the beach. i recommend this for everyone!

Miranda L.
Good for those non makeup days

There are those days where I just get up and don't feel like doing anything to my face but I will do a tinted moisturize like this. This is a really nice one. Its lightweight and evens out my skintone. Great price too =)

Haze L.

I really like the look of this product on my skin and used it all the time before they stopped selling it at wal-mart and I had to look for something new. The only thing I really did not like about this was it does come off onto things, for example if i was talking on my cell phone it would come off and be all over the screen, and it would also come off onto your clothes at times. I think there are definitely some better alternatives out there but it does look nice, didn't make me break out, and it was a good price.

Emily C.

I loved being able to find a tinted moisturizer at my local drug store. However this is way to greasy for everyday use. I never had acne in my life until I started using this.

Jennifer M.

I got this after watching a tutorial on youtube where she had reccomended this product. I have to say for my skin type it's really hard to wear liquid foundation or even a tinted moisturizer. My skin is combination type, but the t zone is greasy at times yet still appears dry. I was hoping the tinted moisturizer would give me the coverage I wanted and moisturize the skin to reduce the dryness. Unfortunately this product was a bust for me, it made my skin appear yellowish and it stuck to the dry areas of my skin which made them even more visable. It was very inexpensive so I wasn't totally dissappointed. My little sister is happy when I don't like a product, because I always give them to her haha.