Hard Candy

Nail Polish


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I love this color so much! It changes colors depending on the lighting around you. It's just gorgeous! It only took 3 coats to get it opaque! This polish went on smoothly and was very easy to remove. The only con, is that it chips after a few days. But that could be because I am so rough with my hands.

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Krysten B.
Worth the money you pay for it.

I bought the matte topcoat from this line and I love the effect it has. But it does make your polish chip super easily which is the downside. But seeing as it's not an expensive polish I'm not surprised with the formula.

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Katie C.
The first polish I owned!

When I was younger my mom bought me Sky, which I believe was the first Hard Candy product. It was the same light blue shiny polish that it is now. That's the polish that started my nail polish obsession. Awhile back I was in Walmart and I found Sky again. I still love it. It goes on great and has staying power. I also have Beetle with is just amazing!

Stephanie H.

I love the color of frenzy! It is so bright and beautiful. The polish is easy to work with and goes on very smoothly. Polish only takes two thin coats to be bright and vibrant!

Bhevarri C.
Good stuff

I'm not a huge nail polish buff, so I can't speak from much experience here. I have one glitter polish from HC and I am very happy with it. The concentration of glitter is nice, not too clumpy, and easy to layer. It wears like any other polish that I'm used to. I'm happy with this, and I love the little rings that come with them! For the price, these are a good buy.

Nikki B.
Amazing Color

I tried the color beetle, and it's one of the most amazing colors I have found. It picks up different colors in different light and angles. It goes from a shimmery burgundy to gold and has hints of green. It's really does remind me of a beetle. The only down side is like most duochrome and holographic colors it takes quite a few coats to make it opaque.

Kara K.
Not my 1st choice for nail polish

I'm not really a fan of the nail polish because of the colors it comes in also how small it is. But the price is good and the rings are so cute. I would give the nail polish as a gift to a little kid.

Sherry W.

I got Sky, it was 4.00 at Wal-mart. I expected it to be good, I had never used them before, But I heard Hard Candy was a good brand. I am using it for the third time, I have been painting my nails for a stretch of 3 hours because the coats streaky and the nail polish kinda dries goopy? It takes 4 coats or more, but 3 coats definitely doesn't produce the full color, I have some parts of the nail lighter -__- My nails are usually pretty easy to paint, lots of room and I have a steady hand, but this nail polish gives me trouble. Probably won't buy a pastel again. Maybe a brighter color or a glitter, just to try it out. I can say I have bought better nail polishes for $4 or less.

Laura E.
Fun colors, Not so fun glitter

I have the pink sparkly glitter one (Fabuluxe) and a the bright blue one (Frenzy). Fabuluxe would be much more awesome if the glitter didn't scratch me all the time, and if it came off easier! I basically have to chisel it off. I really like the pigment of Frenzy, but very easily chips.

Cassandra W.
Not bad but not Great
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I love the color and the glitter but it dries rough...you can feel the glitter because it is so large...you have to have a top coat! No other choice. Without it it is rough and chips easily.