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Lash Call - Lengthening Mascara

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Sarah C.
wears better after a coat of black

I have the peacock blue, I cant wear this mascara by itself & get it to look right, it feels too wet & overclumps my lashes. However after one coat of black mascara, I then put two or three coats of it on and people comment about my long lashes, which are virtually invisible without mascara. Runs like crazy so watch if youre crying.

Skye D.

This clumps my lashes so much! :( The blue is a very nice colour but I am disappointed it didn't even make my eyelashes longer... I do like it on my lower lashes though and it is okay when just applied to the tips of your lashes after other mascara!

Jennifer J.
love the color...hate the mascara

ok...not sure what the issue is with this....i got the electric blue color and it is ELECTRIC. its amazing. great color. but i think that when they say one application, they mean it. this is meant more as a topcoat than an actual mascara. I put on 3 coats to get a strong effect, and it made my lash tips curl downward, almost like it was trying to perm the ends. i dont know but it did something weird. i gave it a shot for one coat on the lower lashes and it was nice. it was a shame i wanted this to work so bad because the color is amazing. im still going to try it as a topcoat....