Hard Candy

Big Curls Don't Cry - Waterproof Mascara

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Sydney C.

i freaken loved this until some brat stole it from me. it made my eyelashes dark and curled them up nice. i personally love all of hard candy's products and i like that they don't test on animals. keep it up hard candy!

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Dallas Lynne S.
Love it!

This is literally the only mascara I will use right now. When it says water proof, it's WATER proof. The only downfall of it being so water proof is the fact it's harder to wash off if you do smudge it or are trying to remove it from your lashes. I love this mascara. It's last all day on my eyes.

Emma E.
Can't tell I am wearing mascara

Either mine had dried out (before I had taken the plastic wrapper off) or it is rubbish. Very little product applied to my lashes after lots of applications. May as well be waterproof as nothing transfered to my lashes. At least I only paid ?1.50. Can get better for a little more money.