Harajuku Lovers

Super G


Sarah W.
Is that HubbaBubba?

Harajuku Lovers Super G and it came out in the summer for a limited time only and cost around £20 for 30ml. This is what the outer packaging looks like and its amazing, as you can tell, its based on how the comic book with the outer cover design. Its so eye-catching and I find that Harajuku lovers have always been creative with their outerpackaging and this is no exception

The Perfume Pyramid.... Top Notes: Pear, Pineapple, Tangerine and Cranberry Middle Notes: Coconut, Bananas, Freesia and Peach Base Notes: Strawberry, Musk, Virginia Cedar and Vanille

It smells uber sweet and flirtatious, like a fruity cocktail or better yet, HubbaBubba Bubblegum. I would say its more in the fruity category and more or less suited for those who are of a younger audience's, its certainly not for the mature. It is a nice smell but its impact doesnt last long and wears away relatively quickly. Also I would like to add how annoyed I'm getting with the creators just releasing 'G' for each limited edition these days, instead of all five! Soo that's annoying that there's not so much of a variety and overall this particular HL was a tad disappointing for me.

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Sarah M.
Lovely smell, beautiful bottle

Got this lovely little bottle for my birthday, and i have to say it is such a lovely smell. Its perfect for the summer and smells very very fruity and girly. The smell doesn't last very long, maybe 2/3 hours before the smell starts to disappear. I love this none the less