Harajuku Lovers



ayy l.
Favorite Perfume

Bought this a few years ago at the mall for $45.00 I loved the smell soooo much. Used up the bottle pretty quick. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes light fruity girly bubbly scents. Reminds me of the scent when you walk inside bath and body works.

ayoungerly y.

I got this fragrance years ago and I still love it. I have about one drop left of it and I need to go buy more. This is my favorite one and I will always love it!

Carina C.

I have Love & Music, I got them for my birthday 2 years ago, & they are wonderful. I can mix them up & they make a good combination. When I'm done with them I'm getting them again. I love how you can smell them but the fragrance does not overwhelm you.

Nicolina D.

This fragrance is at once light-hearted, airy, zing-y, edgy, aloof, cute, and friendly. It reminds me of the early-to-mid 2000's, and the colors and aesthetics of that time period. It's not as popular of a scent style now, but it's fun to wear it as a statement once in awhile. There's a sort of cheap, plasticky overtone to it, I think on purpose, and it's surprisingly pleasing. I love it on hot summer days. :)

Katie L.

It's hard to say anything about a scent since it really depends on how it mixes with your natural scent and skin and what you like to smell.

I loved how this smelled on me. I got compliments all day long with it.

Downside would be that, like everyone else has said, it dies out quickly. That is really unfortunate when you think of how little you actually get.

I don't wear perfume often anyway, so now it just sits on my dresser and waits for the rare nights that my boyfriend and I go to dinner and the like because at least I know it'll last long enough for us to eat.

Lauren F.
smells like watermelons

got this as a gift a few years ago. although its long gone, i miss the fruity scent sometimes. every once in awhile i see it in marshalls for like $15 and think to buy it but don't..someday maybe!

Sarah W.
Alcohol ruined it for me

I used to love this smell. Very summery and I used to love wearing this in the summer. The smell doesn't actually last long and I dont think it's 'good enough' (for me) to live up to the expectations that Baby, Love and G had left on me. However, I would recommend that you don't wear this after a messy alcohol fueled night and with a sickly hangover... it does kinda whiff like last night's cider... or was that just me? :O

Gina C.
Does Not Last Long

I absolutely LOVE the smell of this fragrance. It's light and fruity but has a slight musk to it to add sexiness.

HOWEVER, the scent goes away so so fast. By lunch time, the smell is already gone from my skin. The bottle is also awkward to spray. The giant plastic girl really deceives you - there actually isn't that much liquid in the bottle.