Harajuku Lovers



Kirin S.
My favourite fragrance!

This is the perfect fragrance for any girl who wants something mild and sweet. Apart from the scent, the packaging is also incredibly cute! This product does not irritate the skin and the scent is not overwhelming. It's perfect! Five stars.

Kirin S.
Super cute and smells great!

I am seriously in love with this perfume. Such a sweet, subtle scent! Plus, the packaging and bottle are so adorable! It's just a shame that there isn't a lot of perfume in each bottle... I love this perfume! One of my favourite scents!

Chesca B.
very light scent, not overbearing

I tend to receive my fair share of compliments when I wear this, as it's very light and refreshing. It's scent reminds me of baby powder, so it's not a very strong scent. I had received it as a Christmas present from my mom.

Kristina H.
Cute packaging, cute scent.

I get compliments when I wear this. It is a very cute scent, I guess it is what it says it is but I just describe it as cute! My boyfriend got me all of the scents for Christmas and I am almost of of this one. It is definitely my favorite out of all my perfumes!

Sarah W.
Never Misunderstood

When I first smelt this I thought the powdery musky odour was a little overpowering, however once it wore off my clothes and starting to wear away in general ,it released the most amazing smell. It does resemble baby powder but it doesn't, if you get what I mean. It is a purchase I don't regret and think everyone should purchase :)

Marta L.

My closest friends gave this to me for my birthday. It's perfect if you like very sweet fragances :D The packaging is super cute and It fits perfectly in every girl's room.