Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner


Nikki N.

I am of Indian decent, so I always wore 'surma'. I had to stop because of the scare of lead being in the products. I searched high and low for a good replacement and finally found it! I love this product, it goes right on the water line and it lasts all day. It's highly recommended. :)

Olivia D.

Just got this yesterday, and I already love it. It's really easy to use, similar to a pencil liner. It stays on all day and doesn't fade! A keeper that's for sure, it better be for $35 bucks :)

Saidah J.

totally useless product. it doesnt stay at all. after 1-2 hour dissapeares and since its powder its not practical in use, it always falls down. So kajal as pencil is always better