Météorites Perles de Nuit


Katia M.
It's a skin polish!
Photo of product included with review by Katia M.

As Meteorites Holiday limited editions fan I was mostly curios about what kind of pearls they will formulate this year and will it warm or cool my complexion. There are 4 different pearls in Perles de Nuit. Three of them – matte pink, white pearl and lilac shimmer boast of cool tones, while champaign creamy beige pearls are warm. But cool tones win and soft pink prevail in the end. White and pink pearls give face some light coverage which is a bonus to illuminating effect. I love Meteorites Perles de Nuit for skin polishing and covering already made up skin. I am fascinated with this illuminator and try to catch my reflection in every mirror possible.