Meteorites Powder For The Face


Eunice K.
Real life photoshop; Pricey; Will last forever

Mine are the Crazy Pearls from the Champs Elysees collection, but despite the different colors and shades available, I've found that most Meteorites will have the same effect because color is not really what they're trying to put on your face. So even though there are bright fuchsia pearls in this shade, I still use it all over my face. Most important to keep in mind is that this is a finishing powder, not a setting powder. So you are using this on top of everything you have put on your face as your last step. Cool.

Now, first things first. $60 for a tub of shimmery balls? Really? I couldn't fathom it either. There are so many dupes out there at a fraction of the cost, and you know what you can do with $60? Buy approximately 15 Egg McMuffin meals from Mickey D's. Most days, I would choose the Egg McMuffins, but one day, I decided to bite the bullet because I had tried a whole bunch of 'dupes' and had been left dissatisfied. My wallet cried, and so did I. Buyer's remorse hit me almost instantaneously and I can't believe I had spent so much money on what I thought was a highlighter (I rarely highlight my face so it was a lot of "Why do I do this to myself"). As you can tell from my 5-star rating however, I wasn't crying for long.

Once I opened my little metal tin (metal or cardboard, depending on the collection), the most delightful scent hit me. Mind you, I hate scented products, and of all the scents I dislike, I hate floral ones the most. According to Guerlain, this is a violet scent, so I was already very pleasantly surprised. After I stopped sniffing my tin of balls, I looked down and realized that these weren't shimmery balls at all. They were balls ('pearls' if you're being classy) yes, but somehow they can't really be described as shimmery. More 'glowy'. It's hard to describe, but you won't see flecks of glitter on it for sure. And this is exactly the effect it has on your face. All over your face (I use a stippling brush), and your face will just glow. Not in the 'oh that's a nice highlighter you have on' way, but more in the 'hey your skin is looking great' way. My cavernous pores are blurred over and there is just a very slight sheen left behind. Essentially, it makes your foundation-ed, concealed, and set-ted face look like it's just your skin, but with a soft focus blur. If you want more oomph than a little sheen, just use a denser brush and you'll get a little closer to that. I don't think you'll be able to get a highlighter-esque glow from this, however, unless you take a ball and swipe it on your face. I have definitely gone 'crazy' with it before, and it's never looked over the top. So for all you folks who like your face looking matte matte matte (me), but still like natural skin (still me), this is for you (woohoo!).

I've used my tin o' balls almost daily for around two years now, and these little magic pearls are slowly wearing down. You'll see that these pearls wear down in little layers, and you can see each layer as you use them. Apparently these pearls are handmade ($60, y'all), so I guess someone's out there rolling layers of powder into balls. Nonetheless, my tub of pearls still looks brand new, and I doubt I will ever use it up. Unless you drop the tin or somehow crush the pearls, these babies stay nice and round even as they get used up. So $60 for a kinda never-ending finishing powder? Turns out it was a pretty good deal after all.

Janet L.
Best Finishing Powder

I have a difficult time finding a powder that does not change shades or give a not too flat finish on my oily skin. Meteorites go lives a beautiful finish to my foundation. Doesn't control oil much but I don't expect that from a powder with the amount of oil my skin produces. I just blot a couple times a day and I'm good as new.

Saidah J.

I cant really see the difference if i use this product or not, but i love the packaging and its nice to see this box. i always use it cuz its jsut bful and u believe it does makes a difference

Kikikulala L.

Smell good and natural finish

Miss N.
Didnt work for me

This product is just sitting waiting to be sold! I need to get rid of mine...the colors are wrong for my skin. Love the smell of the product though!

I would recommend this for more pale toned females.