Khol Kajal


K A.
Great product!

I use this product on the waterline of my upper lip. I use put it on corner to corner. I always get compliments when I use this product. It really brings out my eyes.

Not sure if the price is worth it. You can probably get the same effect by using a cheaper eyeliner (my go to is Sephora's waterproof retractable eyeliner).

Maybe others don't have luck with because they put it on the upper eyelid and lower waterline. I never tried putting it there.

Serena G.

Beautiful packaging but it smudges everywhere and doesn't last. On the waterline it's not great but if you try to tight-line with it, you're in for a shock…when I blinked the product smeared all over my eyes…ughhh

Saidah J.

Bought this khol......what to say? not long lasting at all, smudges. What Guerlain does well is packing of their products. That it looks so adorable. I love how this khol looks. its beautiful, I use it like base for black eye shadows cuz as Khol its not long lasting at all, it just vanishes