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Gucci By Gucci Eau de Parfum


Hasini J.
Gucci is quite amazing, i must admit

Wow. i mean just wow. I've used this for a while now and each time i use this perfume, people say they literally want to jump on me because of the smell. It's quite intoxicating. My mum also tried a few squirts and everywhere she went, she got compliments! So it's suited to teenagers and parents alike. Personally, the first time i wore this, i surprisingly attracted quite a few members of the male sex. I asked a few of my male friends to explain the scent and they replied with "it's just attractive. Like some sort of drug that draws you towards the person wearing it". So it's a definite must on a date night. But in general, this perfume smells classy, sweet, and intoxicating at the same time. And i only use two squirts! Very good indeed. I must admit i initially bought it because i found the name amusing, but after using this: my other designer perfumes do not compare. I'll definitely be wearing this to prom! Because when you wear a perfume on a special occasion, each time you wear the perfume after that: your mind is reminded of that occasion. It's quite an overwhelming feeling that just brings you back to the night of the occasion. So out of all the perfumes i've tried: this is the one that i want to forever remind me of one of the most important nights of my life.

HakaGlamz M.
Over priced

Different? It's not something I would wear often, it's an unusual smell, I brought this a few months back and only used it once, I've never reached back for it again. Maybe it's me, I think the first impression of it was more of a mature scent, maybe I need to wear it all day to see how it sits on the skin and what aroma it starts chucking out. I'll come back with an updated review then.