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Eau de Parfum II


StellarLove D.
My favorite purfum ever!!

This gorgeous purfum always remains my favorite for all time....something about it reminds me of summertime and when I met my husband for the first time.... this purfum goes a long way too.. i love to spray a little in my hair after blow drying and it lingers all day and night long!

Aniko F.

This parfum is nothing like past Gucci fragrances. Its light and airy and really feminine. I was really surprised how much I loved this fragrance! I would definitely recommend it!

Sirobe C.
Designer Fragrance that you can wear everyday!

Most designer fragrances are so strong, you must use occasionally. Eau de Parfum light sweet scent can be applied everyday! The only thing is that it's just a bit too light! It dies down a bit faster than I would like.