Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder


Jocelyn K.

This stuff is amazing!! It allows you to get a lot of volume in your hair without having to tease/backcomb which can cause breakage to your hair. All you do is add a little bit near the root of your hair and with your hand just scrub/scratch your scalp and it's like magic and gives you instant volume!

Danielle B.
Its all about how you ue it!

I love this stuff! At first I was a bit confused on how to do it, but it all just takes practise! I use it mostly to create a quiff or beehive & it works wonders! I section my hair for the desired style, backcomb the whole section (to give the first lot of volume & lift!) Then i sprinkle the product onto my fingertips & rub it straight onto my roots! It takes a bit of tweaking & teasing your hair, but it really works for this style! Grip it all in place, spray lots of hairspray (Got2b sexy hairspray is amazing!!!) And voilà! Like someone mentioned before, it does leave a tacky, wierd texture on your hair and hands! I would definately say that you should have decided on a definate hairstyle when you use it, because once it is on your hair, in order to re-style another way you will have to wash it! As far as creating 'all over volume', I havent tried this as I have short & thick hair, so dont want to overdo it! But I imagine, with the right technique, you can achieve a brilliant result! Can be a bit tricky to brush and wash out, but just take some time to gently brush it out, then use plenty shampoo. All in all this is a great product, I have never used anything else like it! X

Tabia S.

I love this for teasing my hair!!! My hair is really fine and its mostly smooth. Its hard to tease it because it just undoes it self. I use a little bit of this in the areas of my hair that i'm going to tease before i tease it. Then it gives me a really strong hold on the tease and it stays the whole day! This is amazing for teasing and i couldn't create big hairstyles without this! The powder just makes the hair sticky so it helps making a mess when you're teasing in a good way. Only problem is you have to be careful about washing your hair afterwards. You have to use a lot of conditioner to get all the tangles out.

Sarah A.
Better than dry shampoo

If your hair is a little bit dirty and you need some volume, this works pretty well. It takes a few times to figure out how much to use, so don't start using this on a day when looks are super important. You use it on dry hair, and you really do have to spread it out in your hands before applying. You need to be able to wash your hands immediately after applying--otherwise they feel gritty and dirty.

I have thick but fine hair--most volumizing products don't last. This one actually does.

Lori S.
i like this.

this product is pretty ok when you follow the instructions. however your hair does feel pretty icky after your apply it, it feels kinda dirty and sticky. but i do love shaking this powder directly onto my hair all over and using it to create volume, texture, and a beadhead look for when I want to wear it in a really messy updo, the texture it provides really lets your updo last all day long. washing it out is a bit of a chore tho. to get it out i wet my hair, massage conditioner in, rinse, shampoo, then condition again. and sometimes that doesn't get it all out.

Kelly C.

I bought this bc it was a volumizing product and I seem to try all the new root boosting sprays or volumizers out there. The product description says that it texturizes and creates maximum volume. It definitely does not create MAXIMUM volume but it creates some. The one thing I like about this is you can use it when your hair is dry, so its convenient when you need some extra lift in the middle of the day. You have to rub it in for a few minutes to get some volume and I suggest teasing your hair too for better results. I'm not sure if I would buy it again, maybe if it was 50% off, I think it was around $6 at CVS.