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X-Ceptional Wear Make Up


Hannah C.

I love this foundation. I have been on the search for a good cruelty free foundation for a little while, but most are high end and I can't afford that on a regular basis. When I found this lovely I was blown away. Great coverage, matches me perfectly (I'm extremely pale), is a fair price and not only is it cruelty free but it is also vegan. I love this stuff.

Louise S.
My favourite foundation by far!

Like Zoe C, I have pale skin and have a hard time finding foundations that match my skin tone. Most foundations that are on the lighter end of the scale are still too dark for my skin tone, and I find those brands that are specifically designed for pale skinned people are annoyingly too light. GOSH's foundation in 'Porcelain' matches my skint tone EXACTLY. It has great coverage, stays on all day, and even stays on when I'm out dancing; not even sweat makes it come off. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Nikki G.
Comparable to a high end brand!!

I bought this product for a cheap alternative for day wear. Oh my goodness It was AMAZING! I was living on a Mediterranean island at the time, so you can imagine the HEAT!! Did not come off, didnt get oily. I wish they sold GOSH where I live now. :( Good colour matches, for ethnic skin toneS!

Zoe C.

This foundation is AMAZING! If you have pale skin like me, you'll know that drugstore isn't really in our favour, so after searching around online, I found this, and I'm so glad I bought it. It is just the right colour, covers nicely and lasts! I did a full review on my blog: http://colourbymakeup.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/gosh-x-ceptional-wear-foundation-review.html

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