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GOSH Cosmetics

Extreme Art Eyeliner


Tone F.
this eyeliner is the definition of waterproof

i love, love, love these liners. they really do stay put until you actively try to remove them with makeup remover (i actually find that vaseline works better - they're THAT budge-proof). the wand makes the application incredibly easy too, and they are nicely pigmented. i only have 3, but the black one is by far my favourite black liquid eyeliner of all time. amazeballs. and so cheap, too! :)

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Shana R.
The best liquid eyeliner ever!!!

I have these in several colours and when ever I wear it I always get compliments for how great it looks. Beware these are extremely water-proof (& makeup remover proof too!) which means that no matter how much you cry, sweat or attempt to scrub it away it will stay for a few days. I would definitely recommend these as they are so easy to use.

Angela V.

I love these.. The intense pigment is just amazing.. I use these all the time.. I just wish I had more of them... They really make your eyes pop.. I put them with another high pigmented eye shadow to make my eyes look electric..

Caution.... Do not put this on your water line...

Joy S.

Cry all you want these will not come off! This is my all time favorite liquid black eyeliner EVER! Best 19$ ever spent at Shoppers! They come in a wide array of colors. Do not fade.

Miss N.

I love all these eyeliners! I am currently selling 2 on my blog so if you have never tired them and want to check my blog out!

The colors are so creamy and glide onto the eye with easy...a little on the expensive side but worth every penny.