GOSH Cosmetics

Creamy Colors


Anne F.
Opaque even with one coat.

I'm on study abroad and forgot to pack nail polish and picked up a bottle of this in #608 Dusty Rose. The polish dries quickly and goes on smoothly without streaks. I really like it! It it continues to hold up without chipping for the next few days I'll definitely get another color or two. Dusty Rose is a pinky brown nude in case anyone was curious.

Rachel R.
It's okay..

I bought a GOSH polish a while back and wasn't extremely impressed. I can't remember the name of the colour but it was a blue/green almost duochrome colour. It looked better in the bottle than on the nail. The polish streaked badly, showed brush strokes and I had to apply three coats for it to look opaque. It chipped within 2 days :( I would like to try more GOSH nail polishes and I hope that this was just a bad colour.

Emilie L.
nice color

I love these nail polish they have a good variety of color and there really not that expensive . Most of the color need only 2 coat even the glittery one.

McKenzie E.
Quickly becoming my favourite polishes.
Photo of product included with review by McKenzie E.

I bought my first GOSH nail polish last year, and I've quickly accumulated eleven more since then. Gorgeous colours, usually opaque in two coats, lasts days on me. Also, cheap! I call this a nail polish triumph.