Glamour Doll Eyes

Super Shadows Collection


Naomi E.

This was one of my first purchased from GDE when they first came out and they helped start my love affair with the company. Fantastic collection, the colors are smooth and blend like butter. LOVE!

Auj C.
My Absolute Fav Mineral pigments!!!

These shadows are great! High pigments and a great variety of colors!!! Great for dramatic makeup as well as simple/natural. Just as great as the "other" brands!! The colors stay true with any primer and after blending!

Rachel C.
Favorite GDE Collection
Photo of product included with review by Rachel C.

So far this is my favorite Glamour Doll Eyes collection. I love the variety of colors in this collection and each color itself is very unique and goes along very well with the super hero they are inspired by. My 3 favorite colors of this collection are Recruit, Ancestry & Cajun. I just used Cajun for the first time the other day and I love it! In the picture I attached I'm wearing Recruit, Mighty Maiden, Feline Fatale, Vigilante & Ancestry.