Glamour Doll Eyes

Control Freak Primer

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Alli Rose G.
One of the best primers!

Vee, the Glamour Doll Eyes owner, made these in two forms: Vegan and Non Vegan. Not only is there an option for Vegans, but they are amazing! I tried the brown (vegan) one before it was reformulated, I think I got a bad tin. Anyways, Vee wanted me to try the one she made for a Valentine's set, the pink (non vegan) one. I did and fell in love! It's smooth creamy and keeps my shadows locked in place all day. I can even sleep in my eye makeup and I'll wake up with it almost in tact! (I know that's not healthy) These tins cost $11 and will literally last you a year if not more. It's a great buy. I have overly oily lids deep set set eyes, my shadows don't crease or fade. (Unless it's a bad quality shadow). The customer service is amazing with Vee. She's always thinking about her customers.