Giorgio Armani

High Precision Retouch


Soraya T.
My one and Only

- High Coverage - Expensive - Will last you a long time - Need a small amount to cover any imperfection - Skinny Brush, like this you can target the zone without puting to much of concealer

Summary: My one and only go to concealer, it really covers any imperfection that I may have. Even if I think that this product is expensive, it will really last you, because you don't need to use a lot of product to hide an imperfection. So it really worth the price.

Saidah J.

Love it. totally love. it. perfect color for me and gives u incredible result. lasts hole day, dont show wrinkles and just really removes dark circkles and puffiness. perfect. can recommend to everyone. jsut get ur perfect color

Tami Y.
not ideal for asian skin tones

I love the precise, thin brush on this concealer but the shade not perfect for me. You don't have to put on a lot of it to work, which is a plus. I love Armani makeup but sometimes I feel that it's not specifically formulated for Asian skin with yellow undertones. If this shade was just a tad more yellow it'd be perfect. I also need to put on eye cream before application or it will crease big time. It's also pricey for such a small tube. It might work if I slap on another concealer on top but what's the point of that? That just means I have to buy another product on top of an otherwise expensive concealer.