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Geisha Ink

Liquid Eyeliner


Jeannie K.
Why does no one know this eyeliner!

I got this eyeliner as a gift and wow... it's so awesome! The tip is so perfectly precise and makes it so easy for me to create my thin cat eyeliner look. The product is pretty smudge proof and water proof as well! As long as you don't rub your eyes to death, it will stay on and look great! I definitely recommend this product :)!!

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Heidi C.
seriously it won't go ANYWHERE till u decide to remove it. SERIOUSLY.

standard wonderful precision stylo liquid liner. tip does not fray, ink does not break. when it gets a bit dry just shake it a few times. i have both black and brown. the brown is a lovely deep brown that isnt too red. ready for the best part? IT EVEN GOES ON MY TIGHTLINE AND DOESNT BUDGE FOR 20+ HOURS. AT ALL. i hv used all sorts of other liners in my tightline n nothing stays. (UD 24/7 pencil, stila smudgestick, avon mega impact pencil, mufe aqua eyes, bobbi brown gel liner, ysl cream liner, inglot cream liner... just off the top of my head n another whole bunch of liners in various forms) SERIOUSLY this is the best liner EVER!!!