Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller


Randa R.

I have tried almost every concealer there is on the market & this is the one I keep coming back to & can depend on! The consistency is perfect, liquid but dries almost matte. I have SERIOUS dark circles & this makes them almost unnoticeable :)

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Brittney Chloe H.
A Staple in My Makeup Stash

This is a little different to the one available in Australia. I bought this in the States and it only has one shade, whereas in Australia, it comes in Light and Dark. Despite having only one shade, it works really well and it still blends well. I'd recommend blending this out with a sponge - I use the tip of my dry Beauty Blender (not wet). I used to blend it out with my ring finger, but I find using a sponge and just patting it works better than my own ring finger. My under eye circles aren't too bad but they cover up and brighten my eyes like no other! I'd never go out without this. This is the key to looking awake! (that, and curling your lashes but that's a given! :-) )

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Dawn H.
Holy Grail Worthy!

I bought this product after hearing so many positive reviews but still didn't have high expectations. After using it for the first time I was blown away! I have EXTREMELY dark under eye circles and this made them disappear! Right after applying it, the color looked a bit odd, but after letting it settle for a couple minutes the color perfectly matches my skin and my under eyes look bright and awake. I've never tried anything like this before, I can go out without applying any concealer for the first time ever. Here are some of my pros and cons for this eye roller:

PROS - Brightening - Great coverage - Very blendable - Easy to apply - Convenient packaging - A lot of product in one tube

CONS - Price is a bit high considering it is a drugstore product (I believe I paid about $13) - That's all the cons I can think of! :o

Overall this product is a must-have for me. Even if I don't wear makeup for a day I still wear this because it's so easy to use and makes such a huge difference. Love love love!

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Nikki B.
The best!
Photo of product included with review by Nikki B.

I work in a Bakery so I am very familiar with 4 a.m. and dark circles under my eyes. I have tried a multitude of concealers and eye creams to help under eye circles and this by far is the best. The metal ball feels so good on the eyes first thing in the morning and it covers up and color corrects the dark circles really well while at the same time the caffeine and lemon essence actually do help to get rid of the the dark circles. I find that I only have to put some powder on top and no other concealer is needed. By the time I take my makeup off at the end of the night the circles are gone. This product has definitely found a permanent place in my everyday makeup essentials.

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Melissa S.
Everyday must have!

I love this so much! I have been using it everyday for about 3 months now. It really does cover and brighten really well. I now don't even have to use regular concealer because this works so well!

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despoina s.
perfect in every way!!!

this thing is bloody amazing!!i really love my make up to be natural and not heavy at all so when i found this product i fell in love with it right away!!i am never buying any other concealer again!i bought both colours- the lighter one for winter and the darker one for summer when i have a is not as sheer as i expected it to be!it does cover everything ,it does not have any of those annoying ''light-reflective particles'' (shimmer) in it and it is just amazing!!!a must have!!!

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Tyria L.

i absolutely love this product, a must have! I have been using this product for a while now. If u are like me and u have dark circles, this is a great product for u as well, just try it!

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Kimberly A.

I am a teenager with a horrible insomnia and trying to conceal my under eye circles is always part of my daily makeup routine. Before I just used random concealer brands like Almay but it didn't really help, and about a week ago, I was at Walmart and saw it on sale for $10 CAN. I decided to try it and it was worth my money. It conceals my dark circles almost completely and makes me look way more awake!! I fully recommend it!

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Gracey W.
Definitely brightens up my eyes!

This is so easy to use! I love to throw it in my makeup bag and put it on when I'm running late, it give my eyes an instant pick up. And it feels very cool under the eyes which is good for the mornings. I use it every day with my foundation or tinted moisturizer! The only bad thing is that sometimes it dispenses out a lot of product on 1 eye and not a lot on the other, so you kind of have to be careful. It's nothing a little blending won't fix though!

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Dylan P.
Every Day Essential! ♥♥

This product changed my morning face routine. I no longer have to pile product after product on my under eye to get the coverage I need. I use this product every day before doing my makeup routine or even without my makeup routine. It brightens everything up very naturally, and acts as a great base for makeup over top. I do mix it with a bit of urban decay primer potion, because I am very prone to creasing, and with this combination, rarely do I ever see any creasing. Plus you can take this handy pen sized product with you and touch up over your makeup! It sets itself and is an instant wakeup on a long day at work.

I don't know about the helping to brighten skin over a few week's time, I definitely still have dark under eye circles, but it may have helped a little. I have it on all the time so it doesn't matter! =P

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