Skin Naturals Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash

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Kirin S.
Not that great...

After purchasing this product and trying it out, I don't recommend it.

This product did remove dirt and build-up on the skin effectively, but wasn't great for clearing up acne. It also made my skin really red and dry. I used this for a while then I decided to test out another product, which was a lot cheaper, cleared up my acne FAST, moisturized my skin and got rid of redness fast (I have rosacea, so I was really impressed). So I then decided to not use the Garnier product.

I would not recommend this to anyone, especially not to people with sensitive or dry skin.

Niamh S.

this is amazing, I really did see results from day 1, it cleared up my skin really quickly, and it is a must for people with spots, it makes skin nice and clear, making make up apply much easier! EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS!!!! :D