Fructis Pure Clean Finishing Paste


Althea B.

I have recently cut my hair so i was looking for a paste and decided to try this for the price its a good buy for something light and to keep your hair moist.

Daniry G.

i tend to not use gel all the time so i switch to paste form products since i have fine hair and it makes my hair less dry and brittle so I am glad I found this.

Rachelle R.

I have short, thick, coarse hair so I am always looking for something that will allow my hair to still move and make it look soft but still hold a style and not flake--this stuff works. It smells good and it's not sticky or greasy. I use this for the top of my hair for the styling and I use a dense paste for the sides of my hair to really hold it down. This would be good for anyone who wants to manipulate their hair styles, long or short, and really control those fly-a-way hairs.